Singer Porsche 911 Indonesia
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Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet
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Flint Laces
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Polaroid Cube
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1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R
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Ganzeer, Swiss Arms, September 2012

Place: Keserne Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Description: Street mural created for Theatrefestival Basel that compares the number of deaths by gunshot in the US with the number of deaths during Egypt’s uprising. The public was invited to play the role of the “representative victims,” by laying on the ground and having their outlines traced. By presenting the “infographic” (which reveals that US victims are at least 8 times higher than Egyptian victims) alongside a quote by the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, one is left to reexamine the notion of “conflict zones.” The public was also allowed to vote on whether or not, as a result, Switzerland should ban arms exports to the United States, which in fact is one of Switzerland’s major buyers.

The execution of this project would not have been in any way possible without Mr. Daniel Kunzler who is pictured on a not so pleasant day in the last image.

Photo Credit: Barbara Jung

Read the article from the NYTimes about Ganzeer’s role as a leading artist in the protest art movement in Egypt’s struggle post-revolutionary period.


n-lite, BUЯGΣR™, 2014
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Salvador Dalí, Mad Tristan, c. 1939
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H.R. Giger, New York City VIII, 1981
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Kasi Minami, 辶(辵) - SHINNYOU, 2013, image posted with the permission of the artist.


Xavier Veilhan, Untitled (Naked Woman) No.1, 2011

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Valentin Ruhry, 
Untitled (Hello World.), 2011,
4750 on-off switches on MDF panel with oak frame
265 x 185 cm

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Myro Air
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TypoShirt One By: Magma Brand Design

Featuring more than 1,700 unique designs from all over the world, TypoShirt One is the first book to focus exclusively on T-shirt typography. 

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Walking City: Architecture + Evolution + Movement


A city is more than an assemblage of buildings and roads and sewer pipe. It is, in its own way, a living, breathing thing. In “Walking City: Architecture + Evolution + Movement,” a video from media design studio Universal Everything, the architecture of a city takes on a life of its own in a spellbinding way.

Taking cues from the work of Archigram, a 1960s avant-garde architecture group, the video follows a human-like figure that morphs into the forms of radical architecture, like Peter Cook’s Plug-In City and Bucky Fuller’s geodesic dome. The title is a nod to The Walking City, a futurist concept first introduced by British architect Ron Herron in the 1960s. Herron anticipated the increasingly mobile nature of contemporary life and proposed an infrastructure of mobile, robotic structures that would move freely and create a society of nomadic cities.

Canvas  by  andbamnan